Seating in Mareel Cinema – Update

Posted by on September 17th, 2012 4 Comments

From Friday 21 September to Friday 12 October we will be testing a new seating system in Mareel Cinema.

Thanks to very helpful feedback from our customers about our previously unreserved seating, we have decided to change to a “best allocated seats” system. This means that, when booking, your seats will be automatically assigned to you to ensure that those making group bookings will be sitting together, wherever possible.

Your feedback is welcomed while we test this new seating system.

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  • Jonny Wiseman

    I don’t know if this is any better. I fear it may be worse, as I don’t want to sit right at the front row.

    Or does the system allow first come bookers to get the best seats?

  • Friedie Manson

    Dear Mareel,

    I was at the cinema today for the first time since it’s opening, I have to say I was very impressed with the standard of the cinema, the sound system and quality of the picture were both excellent, the same as you would expect if visiting a cinema on mainland UK. Well done. Seating was also very good, albeit no one was sitting in front of me as it was through the afternoon.

    Reference your new trial of the ticketing system for online booking of seats etc, please could I make a suggestion, for mainland UK cinemas, if you book a seat online early enough you are given the choice of which seats are available of which you can choose which seats you would prefer to book, this would be very useful for da Mareel too if possible?
    Also on da Mareel website when you click on the book tickets for a film, it redirects you to the Shetland Arts website, however then you have to hunt through the website to find the film and date you’re interested in?
    Please could you make it so that when you click on book a ticket it directs you straight to that film and available dates etc?
    Many thanks for your help, look forward to my next visit 🙂
    Friedie Manson.

  • Kathy Reid

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to be able to reserve seats if people want to sit together then they should arrive early. cant book seats on the mainland.

    Also want to say enjoyed my first film screening last week.

  • alison hurding

    Before I reserve a seat I need the film! …I don’t think I am the only ‘grown up wanting to see Brave!! In fact I know I’m not……..please Mareel next time there is a Block Buster -that Brave is-( and with a Shetland connection.) … remember some of us grown-ups need to finish work/freshen up/feed/walk/see to/ animals and children etc/meet up with freinds from all over Shetland (6 of us wanted to go) and THEN relax and see the film. Not -as was helpfully suggested by your staff – “just come straight after work”.. Wish you all the very best…but a little common sense seems – just one late showing (after 7 ) any day would have clinched it. Ah well I’ll just have to put the DVD on my Christmas list.