Mareel: Changing the Thinking on Drinking

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In the run up to the opening of Mareel, Shetland’s new cinema, music and creative industries centre, Shetland Arts’ Director Gwilym Gibbons says he’s confident that venue, which houses two cinema screens, a café bar, and music auditorium, amongst many other resources, will lead the way on “changing the thinking on drinking” in the Isles.

He said: “We have been very busy these past few months working behind the scenes training our staff on how to ensure the positive atmosphere we’d like to see in Mareel. This has included training on our new Door Policy, ServeWise training, and training on the Challenge 25 scheme.”

“We want to “change the thinking on drinking” in Mareel and emphasise the venue as somewhere to come to enjoy creative events first and foremost, not just to drink alcohol. We also want to make sure that, for those who would like to drink, there is an emphasis on drinking for enjoyment and pleasure, not to get intoxicated. We will be stocking a number of high quality wines, beers and cocktails, allowing customers to savour these drinks for their taste and quality.”

Mareel. Photo by Phatsheep Photography.

Mareel’s Door Policy promotes this positive atmosphere around drinking, with policies set to be put in place such as: regular searches conducted upon entry to the venue and anyone refusing to be searched or trying to bring concealed alcohol into the venue will be refused access. Other policies include: anyone discovered with alcohol that hasn’t been bought from the bar in Mareel will be removed from the venue, and anyone arriving at the venue intoxicated will be refused entry.

Mareel will also operate under the Challenge 25 scheme, wherein customers who look under 25 will be asked to prove their age by either showing a driving license or a passport (no other form of ID accepted) when attempting to purchase alcohol. Under this scheme, anyone under 18 attempting to purchase alcohol is deemed to have committed an offence and will be asked to leave the premises.

Gwilym added: “We want to create an atmosphere in Mareel that is welcoming and positive for all and we are confident the policies and procedures we have developed will help to ensure this. We have put together great Bars and Catering and Front of House teams led by Amy Jenner and Autumn Robinson, who together I’m sure will create a welcoming, safe and fun place to visit with an excellent choice of food, drink and entertainment for all ages.”

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  • James J Paton

    Mareel: Changing the Thinking on Drinking

    I think this is an excellent initiative.

    ….use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake… 1 Timothy 5:23

    Alcohol dependence and bingeing have to be discussed openley and addressed up front. The consequences for health, social and financial welfare – often depression, violence, domestic abuse and related legal costs are all too evident. Shetland and Scotland’s history of these are not good.

  • Lisa Ward

    Thanks for your comment James. We feel the same and hope we can help to keep that dialogue going and work towards a positive culture surrounding alcohol.

    Lisa Ward
    Marketing Officer

  • James J Paton

    Cultural activity is a more powerful way than politics in getting a debate going and a message across. More power to you.