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  • Leslie Lowes
    Comment to post: Anderson High students interview The Crucible actress Marama Corlett.

    Excellent that AHS students can do this, talk to an actress about a play they are studying that she appeared in and then get to see the entire play at their l;ocal cinema, Mareel! Well done folks. Nice initiative! Lets have more i9nteraction like this whenever we can.

  • Amanda Marshall
    Comment to post: Public invited to have their say on future of theatre in Shetland

    Tomorrow is a crucial day for art in Shetland but also for the rest of the country. The Garrison Theatre should be maintained as a working theatre, because many people and artists in the likes of Richard Schechner already see the end of theatre, this article expands a bit more on the subject
    Instead of closing down the theatre create more wokshops and try to get young people involved.

  • Nicholas Nelson
    Comment to post: Jen Deschenes ‘Meet Your Maker’ event at Bonhoga Gallery

    Hello. We enjoyed the exhibition on Saturday. I tried to make a mental note of the poet and poem at the far end of the gallery near to where the artists sit. About not letting the grass grow.

    Can you advise me details of this as my mental note taking failed. Thanks!

  • Leslie Lowes
    Comment to post: Interview with Ari Shapiro, NPR international correspondent, in Mareel Cafe Bar

    For the benefit of those reading your article who do not know, NPR stands for the United States’ National Public Radio.

  • maggie skinner
    Comment to post: Screenplay 2013 Programme released online

    How strange I can access the screen play prog on my Android but not , seemingly on my lap top

  • Lisa Ward
    Comment to post: Shetland Arts releases overview of Screenplay 2013

    Screenplay programme being released online today. Keep an eye on & our Facebook & Twitter pages for the release. Wordplay programme already released, available at

  • Karen Myers
    Comment to post: Shetland Arts releases overview of Screenplay 2013

    Are you able to tell us exactly what day the programme will be available?

  • Comment to post: Shetland Arts' Summer of Classical Music

    This sounds like a wonderful program, and I must say that the ticket price is reasonable. I’m sure it will give the Shetlands music scene an enormous boost!

  • Comment to post: Graeme Taylor, Forces of Nature, exhibition in Mareel

    Just from looking at these small images on your website, I have to say that Graeme’s works look great, and they really bring out the ‘atmospherics’ of the amazing Shetlands!

  • Cassy Blyth
    Comment to post: Great gigs lined up for 2013 in Mareel

    I should have made it clear that there is a great deal of difference between mixing and producing- Kraftwerk have been remixing their own tunes now for decades, so I guess they are DJ’s, but not strictly.
    It is true that you cannot mix tracks together and take credit for the finished piece and call it all your own work, even though the result can sound original (unless you’re remixing your own tracks, then you pretty much take all the credit- like Kraftwerk.)
    Most music producers have skill in both mixing and producing. it has become far easier to produce music with the shift from using expensive hardware (which has it’s limitations) and the newer, more advanced software which means that anyone can make music. But not every one can make good music… the genre is massive and each movement within it has it’s own origins and distinctive sound.