Graeme Howell – General Manager

Creative Opportunities

Bryan Peterson – Head of Creative Opportunities

Floortje Robertson – Creative Project Manager

Jane Matthews – Exhibitions Manager

Fraser Mouat – Education Manager


Jonathan Ritch – Head of Production

Thomas Jones – Senior Technician

Gary Smith – Technician

Lynda Anderson – Operations Manager: Programme, Events and Festivals

Kevin Howourth – Operations Manager: Facilities

Roo Callaghan – Food and Beverage Manager

Wendy Tulloch – Box Office Manager

Angela Smith – Retail Manager

Charlotte Beattie – Operations Assistant: Programming, Events & Festivals

Liz Tulloch – Duty Manager 

Rebecca Richardson – Duty Manager


Lauren Doughton – Marketing Manager

Adam Doughton – Marketing Officer

Jono Sandilands – Graphic Designer

Graeme Taylor – Temporary Marketing Assistant


Christine Simpson – Finance Officer

Irene Sandison – Finance Assistant


Glenda Mackay– Office Administrator

Helen Smith – Administrative Assistant


Diane Sinclair – Duty Manager

Chole Tallack – Duty Manager

Betty Willmore– Cafe Supervisor

Bo Simmons– Cafe Supervisor

Part Time & Volunteers

 Shetland Arts also employ a range of part-time staff in all its venues: Bonhoga Gallery, Mill Cafe and the Garrison Theatre. We also enjoy the support and involvement of a team of active volunteers who make a vital contribution to what we do. Our current volunteers who make a weekly committement of time for which we are hugely grateful are:

David Eva – Admin Volunteer

Kimberly Patterson – Admin Volunteer

Kathy Hubbard – Volunteer

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