Shetland Arts have long championed music development in Shetland: promoting our music within and outwith the islands; nurturing a sustainable music infrastructure; supporting lifelong educational activities; staging entertaining concerts and gigs.


Live Music

We are active promoters of a wide range of musical genres, regularly taking a variety of acts to the islands


We run two annual music festivals, Fiddle Frenzy, a week long summer school and cultural event, and the Shetland Guitar Festival, a celebration of guitar.


Shetland Arts works in partnership with local agencies to deliver music educational activities such as workshops with visiting musicians, a range of evening classes and HE/FE courses in conjunction with Shetland College UHI.

Youth Music Events

We support regular live music events for young people, principally through our support for the Shetland Young Promoters Group, an initiative to empower young people to stage their own music events.


We have an extensive range of music equipment for hire including a full size PA system that can be scaled to suit your requirements, a range of backline amplifiers and recording equipment. Contact us for details.


Shetland Arts co-administers the Shetland Arts Fund. This fund supports a range of local music events and festivals, and various music development projects and educational activities. We also help local musicians to source external funding.


Shetland Arts operates the website where you can find out about Shetland’s rich musical history and some notable musicians and groups, past and present. We also have an active presence on several social networking websites.


We actively promote musical activities in Shetland through a range of channels including adverts and editorial in the local, national and international media.


Mareel, Shetland Arts’ music, cinema and education venue is a key facility in the development of music in Shetland and compliments Shetland’s existing range of venues.

The history of Shetland Arts’ Music Development Project

Jenna Reid teaching at Fiddle Frenzy 2008

Jenna Reid teaching at Fiddle Frenzy 2008

The project was initiated in 1999, following widespread public consultation on how to most effectively support a sustainable music infrastructure in the islands.  A key document, “Developing Music in Shetland” by Katherine Campbell, compiled the results and recommended a number of strategies to most effectively address the situation. Many of these recommendations, particularly the support for industry, education and marketing, form the basis of music development activities to this day.

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